The Brookbush Institute Announces an Innovative Corrective Exercise Certification

The Brookbush Institute Announces an Innovative Corrective Exercise Certification

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, May 14, 2024 / — The Human Movement Specialist (HMS) certification is one of the best-reviewed (hundreds of 5-star Google Reviews) certifications in the industry. It is the only third-party approved, and college-credit-worthy corrective exercise specialist certification also included in a true monthly membership plan (cancel anytime).


– What is Corrective Exercise: Corrective exercises are self-administered exercises recommended to address an assessed movement impairment and improve the quality of motion. They are commonly included in corrective exercise programs, movement preparation warm-ups, home exercise programs (self-management programs), and supervised physical rehabilitation programs.

– What is the Human Movement Specialist (HMS) Certification? The HMS is the highest-quality corrective exercise certification in the industry. It is the only certification built from comprehensive research reviews and a systematic approach to addressing motion quality to ensure the best possible outcomes reliably.

– What can an individual do with a corrective exercise certification? They can significantly improve people’s movement abilities. The HMS certification teaches a system of assessment and specific techniques to address muscle imbalance (altered length, overactive, underactive, hypertonicity, hypotonicity), joint stiffness, mobility, osteokinematic or arthrokinematic alignment, altered movement patterns, posture, and/or functional movement.

– Why pursue corrective exercises? Research shows that corrective exercises reduce injury risks, enhance workout recovery, and improve overall performance by addressing movement quality.

– What skills are vital for corrective exercise specialists? Passion for aiding others, a drive for superior outcomes, and a love for functional anatomy, biomechanics, kinesiology, and human performance.

-Is getting a corrective exercise certification worthwhile? Especially if someone is committed to providing top-tier results for their clients, standing out in their field, and increasing their earning potential.

– Why Build a New Corrective Exercise Certification? Existing certifications often lack an evidence-based foundation, relying on a charismatic leader and a few cherry-picked testimonials to drive popularity rather than a scientific approach to building a system for optimizing outcomes. The Human Movement Specialist (HMS) certification is the only corrective exercise certification to be built from comprehensive systematic research reviews, a clinical decision model, and a systematic approach to developing intervention plans refined by results from reliable, objective outcome measures. In summary, the Brookbush Institute (BI) did not intend to build a system “that works”; BI intended to find the approach that “works best” and continue to develop in pursuit of that goal.


– Unrivaled Accuracy: The Brookbush Institute (BI) is the foremost evidence-based education platform in the industry. Committed to excellence, BI meticulously curates our courses based on comprehensive reviews of peer-reviewed research. This ensures that our learners receive the most precise and up-to-date information, enhancing their ability to deliver exceptional results.

– Tailored for Learning Ease: Our HMS certification sets itself apart by offering a modular approach to learning, with short courses, small exams after each course, and an innovative credit system. These small exams and credits replace the traditional final exam, eliminating the stress of preparing for a single large pass-or-fail test at the end of all coursework. Through a blend of video, illustrations, audio, and text formats, the Brookbush Institute caters to diverse learning preferences, allowing learners to study anytime, anywhere. Whether on the go or at home, our flexible format ensures uninterrupted learning.

– Affordable and Accessible Learning: Brookbush Institute (BI) prioritizes affordability and accessibility. Unlike typical course providers, BI offers a flexible membership plan (cancel anytime), allowing learners to access self-paced education at a cost similar to a Netflix subscription. Moreover, Brookbush Institute constantly enhances the mobile and desktop learning experience, aiming to deliver education on the student’s terms, wherever they are. The Brookbush Institute’s mission is clear: to offer the highest quality education ever delivered and make it accessible to all aspiring movement professionals.

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