The Bias Brief Launches Innovative News Aggregation Website, Powered by Coeus Institute’s Technologies

The Bias Brief Launches Innovative News Aggregation Website, Powered by Coeus Institute's Technologies

NYC, NY, UNITED STATES, May 16, 2024 / — The Bias Brief (TBB), a groundbreaking venture powered by Coeus Institute, is thrilled to announce the beta launch of its pioneering news aggregation website, accessible at This platform aims to bridge ideological divides in media by showcasing news from mainstream sources worldwide, providing a balanced view of global events.

Innovative Technology Behind TBB

Leveraging a sophisticated backend system developed by Coeus Institute, TBB employs advanced scoring algorithms and intelligent automation technologies (AI) to autonomously collect and analyze news from a diverse range of prominent international media outlets. Each article is presented with a 1-10 political bias rating, alongside a summary and a link to the full article. This approach ensures that users receive a comprehensive and transparent view of news biases, illuminating the hidden biases embedded within today’s media landscape.

Showcasing GERA‘s Capabilities

The launch of TBB highlights the capabilities of Coeus Institute’s proprietary GERA technology, which underpins the advanced analytical processes of TBB. GERA’s powerful pattern recognition and automation features allow for real-time, objective evaluations of media bias, providing the public with systematic insights into the framing of news.

Michai Mathieu Morin, CEO of Coeus Institute and a pioneer in the field of intelligent automation, states, “The Bias Brief is not merely a news platform; it exemplifies what GERA can achieve. It demonstrates our ability to transform complex data from various high-profile sources into actionable insights, critical in an era where understanding media bias is paramount.”

Beta Phase and Free-to-Use Model

The Bias Brief is free to use during its beta phase, offering users the opportunity to experience cutting-edge real-time news bias analysis. We hope it becomes your daily source for global news consumption. Additionally, we are excited to announce plans for a premium version, which will include access to more news sources and advanced features such as search and filter capabilities. These enhancements will allow users to customize their news consumption experience and engage more deeply with content that interests them.

About Coeus Institute

Coeus Institute specializes in leveraging intelligent automation to advance pattern discovery across various sectors. Its technologies enhance situational awareness, predictive analysis, and strategic decision-making, solidifying its position as a leader in the technology sector.

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