Presentation of 400th festival of Santa Rosalia (Palermo – Italy) in New York

Santa Rosalia
NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2024 / — The press conference for presenting the 400th anniversary of the Feast of Santa Rosalia 1624-2024 took place at the headquarters of the Italian Consulate in New York, attended by the Mayor of the Municipality of Palermo, Roberto Lagalla.

This year marks the four-hundredth anniversary of the discovery of the miraculous remains of Santa Rosalia, the patron saint of Palermo city. The “Santuzza“, symbol of rebirth and hope, will be celebrated with a rich calendar of events and cultural initiatives which, starting from the month of May, will continue until the first months of 2025, animating the provincial territory of the Sicilian capital.

«This year Palermo is going to celebrate a journey that began in 1624 and today is making 400 years of history and traditions. It is going to be a busy year of celebrations dedicated to Santa Rosalia which, thanks to the active participation of the entire territory and institutions, will allow the tourist revival of the city with a renewed metropolitan internationally oriented identity. I wish to thank the Consul Fabrizio Di Michele for allowing this prestigious institutional setting for the international presentation of the four- hundredth anniversary of the “Festino”, the National Tourism Agency and, in particular, the Sicilian Region, represented by its President Renato Schifani and the Councilor for Tourism, Elvira Amata, for the support and the active collaboration in promoting the 400th anniversary of Santa Rosalia. Palermo will express itself in all its beauty, through spiritual and cultural itineraries, showing the world its priceless historical and artistic heritage that winds through the Arab-Norman Route, a Unesco heritage, the period buildings – the favorite scenery of international film productions, and the spiritual paths that wind through the city streets and cross, by the Itinerarium Rosalie, the entire provincial territory. Palermo will offer the tourists an unprecedented journey, unique for everybody, in an overall cheering atmosphere that will welcome visitors from all over the world since the upcoming months.” So says the Mayor of the Municipality of Palermo, Roberto Lagalla.

The Municipality, together with the Metropolitan City of Palermo, presents a busy calendar of entertainment including shows, exhibitions, concerts, food and wine tours, conferences and spiritual paths through which the city of Palermo and its territory will express themselves to the visitors during the Rosalian Year. A multi-voiced narrative that will pay homage to the priceless cultural, historical and landscaped heritage of Palermo, embraced by the sea and protected by Monte Pellegrino, where the Sanctuary of Santa Rosalia stands, a renowned pilgrimage destination for the faithful. On May 26th, the new sculptural representation of the Saint will be shown, which will then be blessed and then placed back in the Cathedral, a moment that marks the start of the anniversary program of the Feast of Santa Rosalia’s 400th Anniversary.

The appointment with the tradition arrives finally on July 14th with “Il Festino di Santa Rosalia”: four stops in the heart of Palermo among images, music, evocative artistic performances dedicated to the “Santuzza” who parades aboard an allegorical chariot that is going to tell about” Hope” through new and highly attractive shows this year. Thousands of faithful and visitors come from all over the world every year to take part in the procession which begins its journey from Palazzo Reale, then stops in front of the Cathedral, crosses the Quattro Canti and reaches Porta Felice, where the final show takes place ending with the traditional fireworks. A solemn procession actually takes place the following day, on July 15th, along the Cassaro, just on the day of the discovery of the Santuzza’s mortal remains (on July 15 th 1624).The “Acchianata delle Rosalie” then takes place in the night between 3rd and 4th September along the “Scala Vecchia “ ( The Old Staircase) that leads from the feet of Monte Pellegrino to the Sanctuary of Santa Rosalia. Also thousands of devotees gather to share a moment of prayer and celebration on this date .

All the initiatives to be put together in the program will be included on the official website:

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