Julio Galay Foundation Launches Fundraiser for Julio’s Recovery

Julio Galay Foundation Launches Fundraiser for Julio's Recovery

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, April 22, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In the wake of a tragic incident of senseless gun violence, the community of New York City is coming together to support Julio Galay, a resilient individual who has been profoundly affected by this devastating event. The ” Support Julio Galay’s Resilient Recovery ” campaign has been launched to provide Julio with the resources and assistance he needs to navigate the challenging journey ahead.

Julio’s life is forever altered by an act of violence, but the community refuses to let him face his recovery journey alone. With the launch of this campaign, community members are rallying behind Julio, offering their support in various ways to help him rebuild his life.

This campaign is more than just a fundraising effort; it’s a testament to the strength and compassion of the community. Every donation, message of solidarity, and act of kindness contributes to Julio’s recovery journey, sending a powerful message that violence will not define our city.

” Support Julio Galay’s Resilient Recovery ” aims to provide Julio with the necessary medical treatment, emotional support, rehabilitation, and financial assistance to address the long-term impact of his injuries. By standing together, the community can help Julio reclaim his sense of security, hope, and well-being.

“We are deeply saddened by the senseless violence that Julio has experienced, but we refuse to let him face this journey alone,” said Anthony Rebolledo, Julio’s Brother. “Through the Support Julio Galay’s Resilient Recovery’ campaign, we are coming together as a community to show Julio that he is surrounded by love, support, and solidarity.”

To support Julio on his road to recovery, donations can be made through the campaign’s official fundraising page https://gofund.me/8e298fe8. Additionally, community members are encouraged to spread the word, offer messages of encouragement, and volunteer their time and resources to support Julio in any way they can.

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Together, let’s stand against gun violence and show Julio that he is not alone in this journey toward healing and recovery.

About JulioGalay.org: is a fundraising website dedicated to supporting the recovery journey of Julio, who was tragically shot and partially paralyzed in 2024. This website serves as a platform for raising funds to assist Julio in his rehabilitation efforts and also aims to be a hub for sharing educational resources about gun violence prevention.

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