Aiosyn and HistoWiz partner to improve kidney disease research through AI-powered preclinical and research studies.

Aiosyn and HistoWiz partner to improve kidney disease research through AI-powered preclinical and research studies.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, May 22, 2024 / — Aiosyn, a pioneering pathology software company specializing in AI-powered solutions for cancer and kidney disease, and HistoWiz, a leading provider of histology and slide archiving services, today announced a pilot study to evaluate the benefits of integrating Aiosyn’s NephroPath kidney analysis algorithms onto HistoWiz’s PathologyMap™ digital pathology platform. This collaboration aims to advance kidney pathology analysis and research, by allowing PathologyMap users direct access to NephroPath algorithms without any additional software.

Patrick de Boer, CEO of Aiosyn commented, “We are excited to partner with HistoWiz to harness the potential of AI in renal disease preclinical research. Our NephroPath algorithms transform kidney tissue analysis by delivering quantitative, detailed assessments essential for advancing drug development studies. By integrating with PathologyMap, we can provide HistoWiz’s biopharma and research clients with comprehensive insights that will facilitate the discovery and development of new treatments.”

Aiosyn’s kidney image analysis services offer an automated assessment of kidney tissues, identifying and quantifying key structures such as healthy and atrophic tubules, glomeruli, and the interstitium. This analysis not only enhances the efficiency of studies but is also customizable to meet the specific needs of various research projects.

Linh Hoang, MD, PhD, HistoWiz’s CEO, emphasized, “The integration of NephroPath algorithms marks a significant step forward in enhancing our PathologyMap platform, providing our clients with unparalleled precision and efficiency, particularly in the realm of kidney disease research. This collaboration underscores our commitment to advancing healthcare through innovative AI technologies, ensuring that our researchers and biopharma clients receive the most advanced tools for their groundbreaking work.”

HistoWiz’s innovative digital slide management platform, PathologyMap, empowers users to instantly view, manage, and share their digital slides. The incorporation of cutting-edge AI models like Aiosyn’s NephroPath algorithms expands the AI-driven landscape within PathologyMap, elevating the precision and speed of data analysis.

For more information about PathologyMap or how customers will be able to use NephroPath with the system, please contact your HistoWiz sales or customer service rep at Additionally, if you are interested in a demonstration of NephroPath’s technology, please get in touch with Aiosyn at

About Aiosyn

Aiosyn is a Dutch company that develops precision pathology software for cancer and kidney disease. Aiosyn’s solutions are integrated into standard pathology workflows. The Aiosyn team has been built upon more than 20 years of research experience in the field of pathology and is rooted in pathology practice.

About HistoWiz

HistoWiz accelerates scientific research and discoveries by automating histology and digital pathology solutions. The company processes tissue specimens and digitizes the data onto its web-based platform PathologyMap™ for customers to review their results. This proprietary online platform enables researchers to quickly view, manage, analyze, and share their histopathology data. HistoWiz’s network of more than 100 on-call, board-certified pathologists is also available for on-demand consultation with the click of a button. Through automation and AI, HistoWiz’s innovations promote a deeper understanding of biology by enabling global collaboration to drive scientific advancement. HistoWiz was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Long Island City, New York.

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