Tech Founder Creates New AI Platform for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Tech Founder Creates New AI Platform for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners
RICHMOND, VA, USA, April 22, 2024 / — Serial entrepreneur, and tech guru Laticia Austin, founder of The Mobile Sophisticate, is excited to announce the launch of her newest innovation, iThinkContent. This groundbreaking service offers subscribers access to a suite of AI-powered tools, including ChatGPT, MidJourney, Dall-E, ElevenLabs, and more, all for a low, monthly fee.

iThinkContent is tailored specifically for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and support staff such as executive and virtual assistants. By consolidating resources for content creation, coding, image generation, speech-to-text, and chatbot technology into an easy-to-use platform, iThinkContent helps professionals in business create and manage their digital content more efficiently and effectively than ever.

“Our mission at The Mobile Sophisticate has always been to support and empower entrepreneurs and business owners by providing technology and support for their success,” says Austin. “With iThinkContent, we’re taking this a step further by providing a one-stop solution for all content creation needs by leveraging the latest in AI technology.”

Because Austin knows iThinkContent is the answer entrepreneurs and support staff have been asking for, Austin is offering a year of free access to the first 200 users. During this first year, they have access to the same level of support as paid tiers and Austin welcomes their feedback about their user experience to constantly test and improve the platform.

“We live in a world where content is king, and iThinkContent makes content creation more accessible and efficient,” Austin adds.

iThinkContent is especially helpful for business owners who work independently and need to maximize their efficiency and creativity. Executive and virtual assistants benefit as well since they are often asked to perform creative tasks.

Highlights of iThinkContent include:

Affordable Access: Reasonably priced monthly subscriptions are available for individuals and teams.

Diverse Tools: A wide array of AI-driven tools to cater to various content creation needs, from writing to images to voiceovers.

User-Friendly Interface: Designed with ease of use in mind, great for both tech-savvy users and beginners.

Community and Support: Paid subscribers have access to a supportive community and expert guidance to maximize their content creation efforts.

iThinkContent is available now for a free year to the first 200 users.

About Laticia Austin
Laticia Austin is a global tech-preneur who has worked in the technology industry for 20+ years, including creating tech solutions for some Fortune 1000 companies. With The Mobile Sophisticate, she uses her tech powers to help entrepreneurs develop mobile app and software-based app technology to scale their business.
Under The Mobile Sophisticate umbrella, Laticia continues her serial entrepreneurial endeavors with iThinkContent.

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