Student Success Planning Program from ThinkBuildLive Success and EdTek Services

Student Success Planning Program from ThinkBuildLive Success and EdTek Services

WESTCHESTER, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 14, 2024 / — Today, ThinkBuildLive Success (TBLS) and EdTek Services announced their partnership to deliver the enhanced TBLS Student Success Planning Program for high schools, colleges, universities, and proprietary schools. The Student Success Planning Program is comprised of three books that can be used individually or together as a progressive program. The material is rich enough to be taught as a stand-alone class and flexible enough to be integrated into existing courses and offerings.

ThinkBuildLive Success has developed its Student Success Planning Program as a dynamic, scalable, skill-building program designed to reach even the most reluctant student. Created with real-life challenges, the Student Success Planning Program offers practical, workable strategies and relevant, immediately applicable tools and resources to promote students’ core life skills and career readiness and develop essential social-emotional learning competencies.

Many student success programs currently on the market offer a one-size-fits-all formula for success. This program takes a non-didactic approach to self-improvement. The student is in the driver’s seat from the very first exercise. Through engaging exercises, students enjoy learning about themselves, discovering unknown strengths, and building a plan of action for the life they want to live, all while becoming more focused, empowered, and assured of their ability to succeed.

ThinkBuildLive Success also offers comprehensive support materials including a Teaching Leader’s Guide that provides SEL teacher training and professional development, Student Survival Guides customized by region, career readiness videos, and motivational posters.

“We feel that real, sustainable change only comes when students take an active role in their learning and development,” said Elizabeth Kemler, M.S. Ed., TBLS Founder and author of the Student Success Planning Program. “That’s what TBLS facilitates – through a dynamic, exercise-driven process of self-discovery.”

Young adults need more than just academic skills to succeed in school and thrive in adulthood. Emotional intelligence (EQ) has proven to be at least as critical as IQ in determining our quality of life and sense of personal fulfillment. ThinkBuildLive Success gives students the tools they need to build a high EQ, helping them improve their school experience, transition effectively into the next phase of their lives

“We believe the TBLS Student Success Planning Program hits the mark for educators, parents, and employers searching for a way to better prepare students for life at school and after their time at school ends,” said Paul Jacobelli, President of EdTek Services. “Programs like this will be even more critical for those entering a competitive job that expects employees to be ready to contribute to the organization from Day One.”

About EdTek Services:

Founded in 2003, EdTek Services has been focused on providing the best LMS for small businesses and mission-critical LMS services for small and medium-sized businesses, nonprofits, government departments, and academic institutions. EdTek’s package of LMS support services includes consulting, unlimited training, hands-on administrative support, help-desk support for users, 350 Soft Skills courses in the LMS Library, a web conference platform, and access to millions of digital media resources. EdTek’s all-inclusive SaaS LMS pricing helps smaller organizations stretch their budgets to deliver the same level of quality training and education as any of the leading providers in the marketplace.

About ThinkBuldLive Success:

For more than a decade thousands of students of all ages, abilities, and varied backgrounds and experiences have benefitted from the TBLS Student Success Planning Program to build a foundation for greater success in all areas of their lives. Instructors at various levels of the education sector have taken advantage of the Teaching Leader’s Guide to enhance their SEL professional development and integrate the TBLS Student Success Planning Program into their daily lessons. This unique program from TBLS has helped with student retention, job placement, and academic success at high schools, colleges, and youth-based organizations around the country.

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