RealReports™ Reveals AI-Powered Points of Interest for Unmatched Area Insights

RealReports™ Reveals AI-Powered Points of Interest for Unmatched Area Insights

RealReports™ boosts agent value and efficiency with local intelligence enhanced by its AI copilot, Aiden

NEW YORK, NY, USA, May 21, 2024 / — Leading prop-tech company, RealReports™, has announced an exciting enhancement to its comprehensive property report product with the introduction of AI-powered points of interest (POIs).

The new area data includes over 30 types of points of interest for every property in the United States, including nearby hospitals, coffee shops, restaurants, pharmacies, hardware and convenience stores, airports, train and bus stations, parks, gyms, religious sites, libraries, bars, museums, police stations, and much more.

On top of basic information, Aiden, the AI copilot built directly into RealReports™, enriches each POI with a wide variety of additional insights. “There are other products that offer local points of interest, but none give you the level of insight, control, and speed that you can achieve with Aiden,” says James Rogers, co-founder and CEO of RealReports™. “For example, instead of searching through endless lists of restaurants, simply ask Aiden, ‘What is the nearest restaurant that takes reservations, has outdoor seating, and is dog-friendly?’ and you’ll receive an answer in just a few seconds.”

In addition to the new POIs, RealReports™ offers extensive local information including demographics, climate risk, neighborhood and livability scores, crime statistics, school district details, nearby school ratings, air quality, radon levels, environmental hazards, weather, and more. Similar to the points of interest, all of this area data can be queried using Aiden, saving real estate agents significant time when researching properties for their clients.

“Our mission at RealReports™ has always been to empower real estate agents and their clients with the most detailed and user-friendly property data available,” said Zach Gorman, co-founder and COO of RealReports. “The integration of AI-powered points of interest significantly advances that promise, providing agents with an even deeper and more accessible layer of insight into the properties they evaluate.”

POIs and all data included in each RealReport™ give real estate agents a competitive advantage in a crowded market. “Providing unique value is paramount for agents today,” says Rogers. “More than ever, data is power, and the wealth of data in RealReports™ empowers an agent throughout their entire relationship with a client, building credibility, speeding up property research, and helping put together more competitive offers.”

RealReports™ continues to set a new pace and standard for innovation in real estate with its new AI-driven POI capabilities, designed to redefine the power of property data while simplifying the complexities of the real estate market for agents and consumers alike.

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